Acrylic Painting Classes With Adele

Adele Castillo teaches acrylic painting and color to adult students of all abilities. Classes are quite small, which allows time for individual attention and plenty of room for each artist. Students are encouraged to find their own style and paint subject matter which interests them as they develop their skills. In addition to her weekly classes, Adele Castillo is available to teach workshops. She will create a workshop to suit the students’ interests upon request. Adele is also available to speak and demonstrate her own style of painting.

Class Type & Schedules

Acrylic Painting Classes

Acrylic and Color
in Studio 3 at Crossroads Art Center

Adele teaches acrylic and color theory to adult students in her studio at Crossroads. With 30+ years of experience using acrylic, Adele continues to explore and learn more about the seemingly infinite possibilities with the medium and shares that information with her students.

crossroads-art-center-richmondClasses are limited to 10 students, allowing for individual attention. Composition, proportion, drawing skills, and anything else that leads to making a better painting is included in each consultation.

Classes are ongoing, which means that there is a balance between returning and new students. All levels of experience are welcome, from beginners to professionals, to those who haven’t painted in a number of years, but want to jump back in.

Payment is by the month, one month in advance. Contact Adele for current pricing. There will be no refunds, but students may attend another day to makeup a missed class.

Contact Adele for more information and a supply list.
I am happy to run additional classes when there is enough interest. Let me know if another day or time suits you. Better yet, find a few friends who will attend with you.

Paint Along Workshops

From Beginning to End
in Studio 3 at Crossroads Art Center

Held in my studio, these are held one weekend per month Jan – April, or may be scheduled upon request.

paint-along-workshopsUsing one reference material for all, we take a painting from beginning to end. A cross between the popular Brush and Blush (paint party) idea and a technique class, students will draw their image on canvas, watch and follow Adele’s beginning demonstration, then take off on their own with instruction and guidance to either complete the painting in class or finish up at home. Fun! and anyone can do this.

Workshops in the studio price is $75 per person per workshop. Contact Adele for the current schedule or to request a private party.

Current Class Schedules

  • Paint Along Workshops. See the class description below.
  • Classes meet on Mon and Wed evenings plus Wed and Thurs afternoons.
  • New Classes:
    • Do you and several friends want to take acrylic painting, but at a different time or day? Anytime there is enough interest, I am glad to open an additional class.
    • I am also happy to bring a class to you if you have a group and place for us to meet. Contact me to inquire and we’ll make that happen.

Contact Adele