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An Art-Sea Retreat

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Spend a week Finding Inspiration and Stretching your Skills with other artists in a sound side location.

Manteo Waterfront view from behind the Tranquil House Inn

Manteo Waterfront view from behind the Tranquil House Inn

Dare County Arts Council located in the original courthouse in Manteo, NC

Dare County Arts Council located in the original courthouse in Manteo, NC


Have you dreamed of taking an art vacation? Of taking an entire week to play a little, paint a lot? 

Do you want to make art with no worries or interference?

Would you like to completely focus on your painting with an instructor to guide you along the way?

You are invited to join artist and acrylic painting instructor Adele Castillo this October in the serene coastal village of Manteo, NC . We will spend the week learning, sharing and painting with other artists at the Dare County Arts Council. Stay at the gorgeous Tranquil House Inn on the waterfront directly across the street from our classroom at the DCAC.

Enjoy the scenery, local pubs and restaurants, walking along the waterfront or take a quick drive to the ocean. Find inspiration in this quaint village in the home of our original colonists. Explore history or nature in nearby exhibits and of course, the nearby art galleries including the DCAC. 

To check out the Dare County Arts Council, click Here ☞ ☞ ☞ DCAC

Artist Carol Willett applying color theory to her sculpture in a class with Adele at the DCAC in Manteo

Artist Carol Willett applying color theory to her sculpture in a class with Adele at the DCAC in Manteo

“I thoroughly enjoyed my 1-day workshop with Adele.  As a sculptor, I find color daunting.  After Adele’s workshop I had the confidence to paint some of my most successful Pelicans and Chameleons.  Adele is clear, concrete  in her suggestions and radiates such confidence in you that you feel emboldened.” Carol Willett, artist

You will explore acrylic painting from beginning to end, with quick reviews on getting ideas to canvas. You will discuss options for getting started, how to apply acrylic to canvas, plus explore questions such as “How do I blend with acrylics?” “Why don’t my colors mix to what I want?” “How do I decide when I am finished?” and more. 


“Adele is such a dynamic instructor! She had us all interested and engaged and before we knew what happened, the workshop was over. We wanted more! Adele’s work is so inspiring, we all wanted some of what she had. Her preparation was obvious, she had everything we needed in class. She truly thought of the process of teaching and was so prepared to demonstrate and explain her process. I would love to take another workshop with her.” Julie Moye, artist  

Adele will gently guide you to your next level of painting ability,  customizing each lesson to your needs, so whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you will leave with added confidence and skills.


“Adele is a wonderful and gifted artist and instructor. As a novice, I was a bit intimidated at attending my first class, but with her supportive attitude and her amazing talent and expertise, she has built up my confidence to embrace painting at a whole new level. I always look forward to learning from Adele and seeing things from a completely unexpected perspective!” Gretchen Ridgely, workshop participant 

Each morning will be devoted to lessons with demonstrations to help you along that day. Knowing some artists will paint quickly and produce several works while others will take a slower approach, Adele will help each student reach their individual goals for the workshop. You can look forward to:

  •  An ”End of Week Goal” supported by individual daily goal-setting
  •  Demonstrations to help get your days’ activity started
  •  Prompts for inspiration
  •  Snack and Stretch breaks
  •  Hints and guidance along the way
  •  Personal time to assess your progress
  •  Flexibility for the artist who paints quickly and the artist who takes a more measured approach


“Adele is a talented, knowledgable and fun instructor! She makes the classroom an exciting experience for artists of all levels, always bringing fresh ideas and helpful information to her students. You leave her workshops energized and excited to make art!”

My Promise

I promise I will work with you and share as much information as possible to help you improve your painting. If I don’t know something, I’ll do my best to find an answer. I promise to spend my time working with all students, individually as well as in group, to help you achieve your goals.


“I have learned more from Adele about color and pigment than from any other teacher I have had. Her focus on why colors look and mix the way they do, and on how to view and assess color interactions has been invaluable for me. She is always looking to discover and present products and techniques to her students and is always creatively experimenting with her own works as well. In my experience, Adele is both friendly and persistent in interacting with students, adapting herself to each individual student’s needs and across multiple mediums.” Elizabeth Hood, artist and student

How Do I Sign Up? 

On time registration has ended. There may still be a seat available.

Contact me and I’ll send you an invoice, which gives you the option to:

pay by check or use PayPal to charge or transfer funds.